“We’re back to the axis of evil,” Ingraham remarked, seemingly alluding to a line from the 2002 State of the Union speech by former President George W. Bush.

Paul was questioned by Ingraham if he felt that the issues between Israel and Ukraine are connected, even though the U.S. border receives a “pittance.”


“No, but I would only say they are only related in the sense that they’ll bankrupt our country in sending money everywhere all over the planet,” Paul replied. If safeguarding our national security is what we believe we should be doing, then this is most likely the biggest threat to it. The national debt is the biggest danger to it. In the previous three months, we have taken out a trillion dollars in loans. expenditure that is out of control is endangering not just our nation but also our currency due to our reckless and extravagant expenditure.”


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