In 2022, James Roguski, a researcher based in the United States, is leading a group of activists from around the world in a campaign to stop the World Health Organisation (WHO) from taking over the world’s health system through a series of legal amendments to its mandate. Mr. Ruguski recently discovered and published the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR), which he warns are intended to give the WHO enormous power over decisions about global disease outbreaks.

The United States drafted and filed the revisions back in January; they were only made public this past month. The amendments are scheduled to be accepted during the 75th World Health Assembly conference, which takes place in Geneva, Switzerland from May 22–28, 2022.

The proposed revisions, Mr. Rogusiki cautions, are largely meant to “give away even more of our sovereignty and massively empower the WHO to restrict people’s and countries’ health related rights and freedoms,” as per their analysis with his team.

During the virtual Covid19 town hall meeting in Kampala on Monday, Roguski stated, “The current international health regulations are such that the WHO have handcuffs on because the current regulations demand that they respect individual national rights.”

It’s interesting to note that the US government, which proposed the revisions, chose not to send the issue to Congress for discussion beforehand.

“I am quite upset that my government has permitted this, for this reason. After hours of analysis, we concluded that these revisions are wholly immoral and a clear attempt to impose totalitarian rule,” the man declared.

You will see how these revisions will make the WHO Director General into the Dictator General once you comprehend them. Yes, this is the big reset. The changes they are putting forth will totally abolish the sovereignty of 194 countries and transfer it to WHO.

The African Sovereignty Coalition’s chairwoman, Ms. Shabman Muhammad, who has been collaborating with Roguski on the opposition to the revisions, explained them.

“At this point, protecting our sovereignty and humanity is the most important thing. These amendments are effectively a complete power grab of our sovereignty,” the speaker declared.

Right now, a global campaign opposing the ideas is being organised by Roguski, Shabman, and their colleagues.

According to her, the movement aims to mobilise the public to pressure their governments to reject and withdraw from the Amendments.

She stated, “We need to start an awareness campaign about these amendments in languages that people can understand.”

“We need to engage those covertly positioned delegates who will represent our nations at the Geneva meeting, and we also  need to apply a great deal of political pressure on our leaders.”

She added that rallies have

Simultaneously, attorney Simon Senyonga in Uganda urged the populace to participate in this effort by interacting with their politicians on various fronts.

“We must cultivate a thoughtful country that can recognise the intricacies found in all written materials, laws, and regulations,” he declared.
an effort made by an individual or organisation to seize additional power for themselves, typically by stealing it from another individual or group.

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