More panic growing concerns over President Joe Biden’s cognitive acuity, Democrats and their allies are hedging their bets in multiple ways. This includes contemplating potential replacements for Biden and strategizing for a scenario where former President Donald Trump returns to power.

In anticipation of the latter, Democrats are preemptively assigning blame to Trump for the consequences of Biden’s economic policies. A group of prominent economists recently issued a warning, predicting an “inflationary bomb” should Trump reclaim the presidency. Interestingly, some of these economists previously supported Biden’s economic agenda, initially dismissing concerns over inflation—a stance that has since shifted dramatically.

Democratic strategists are keenly aware of impending economic challenges and are positioning themselves to point fingers at Trump should these issues escalate. Despite efforts by the current administration to manage inflation and stimulate growth through tactics like strategic oil releases, there are limitations to such interventions.

Additionally, the Congressional Budget Office has revised its deficit forecast for the fiscal year to a staggering $1.9 trillion, nearly double the historical average as a percentage of GDP. This substantial deficit raises serious questions about long-term financial stability and the ability to sustain the nation’s debt burden.

Moreover, concerns over economic policies such as the push for “green” energy initiatives are further complicating the economic landscape. With indicators showing sluggish GDP growth despite massive government interventions, the underlying economic challenges are becoming increasingly apparent.

Looking ahead, if Trump were to secure another term, Democrats are prepared to exploit these economic headwinds to criticize his leadership. This preemptive narrative underscores their strategy to shape public perception, whether Biden remains in office or another Democrat takes the helm.

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