Trouble For Top Dems: Pelosi, Schiff, Others As Donald Trump Supporters Make Swift Move To Defend Him, See What They Just Did

This time, the Democrat’s hatred for former president Donald Trump just got them into more trouble that they could ever imagine. The recent raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago lunge just created a recoil effect that will leave the entire Democratic party dishing out explanations just to cover up their ill act.

The FBI raid on former president Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago compound is an event without precedent in the history of the United States. The raid was based on a judicial warrant, which a federal judge would only issue against a former president on the most compelling evidence of a major crime, not some technical violation of the rules regarding document handling.
Biden has refused to comment on the raid. The Democratic president declined to take questions at both events. Later on Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre refused to answer reporters’ questions on the raid, except to insist that Biden had no advance notice and had not been briefed about it.

Democrats and the liberal media might be celebrating the unprecedented raid on Trump’s home. But many Americans are in no way pleased. Republicans who formerly cooled on Trump are not fired up. They are outraged that Biden’s FBI would seemingly go after a political rival. And a group of them are already rallying behind 45.

Trump supporters are now gathering outside Mar-a-Lago after the FBI raided the Florida home of President Trump earlier today

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