Trump would not have to punch back if we started indicting deepstate criminals 2 years ago.But the administration and Republicans think putting criminal adversaries in prison is not nice.




Democrats have no such fear. They put innocent people in jail with no hesitation, the days following Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s announcement that she was beginning an impeachment inquiry into the President, President Donald Trump and his 2020 re-election campaign have been on a warpath.


Not only has the Trump campaign along with the Republican Party raised an astonishing $13 million in less than three days, but they are making it increasingly clear that they are done playing games and are going to hold everyone on the Left, including former Vice President Joe Biden accountable for their actions.






On Friday afternoon, President Trump unleashed an epic video which sheds light on the Biden-Ukraine scandal where Biden, as Vice President, bribed Ukraine into firing a prosecutor who was investigating his son.

Check out this intense video below:




— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 27, 2019


The whistleblower claimed that President Trump set up a quid pro quo agreement regarding military aid with Ukraine and in return, Ukraine would investigate Joe Biden. Pelosi used the whistleblower’s claim to begin an impeachment inquiry, however the transcript of the call which was released the next day, revealed that President Trump did not leverage military aid in any way. The Democrats started an impeachment inquiry based on lies.

I will have Mr. Giuliani give you call and I’m also going to have Attorney General Barr call and we will get to the bottom if it. I’m sure you will figure it out,” he added.


During a meeting with President Trump in New York, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told reporters that he felt in no way pressured by President Trump to investigate Joe Biden.


“Nobody pushed me,” Zelensky said on Wednesday.


“We had a great phone call,” Zelensky added. “It was normal.”


Trump later added: “In other words, there was no pressure and you know there was no pressure.”


That’s why I love my President, he speaks his mind, tells the truth, but I really love when he punches back, something the rest of the GOP should learn.


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The memo started with President Trump congratulating Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on his election win. Shortly after the introduction, President Trump brings up Vice President Joe Biden and how he abused his power to fire a Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating his son.


There’s a lot of talk about Biden’s son, that Biden stopped the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that so whatever you can do with the attorney General would be great,” Trump said in the call. “Biden went around bragging that he stopped the prosecution so if you can look into it…It sounds horrible to me.”




Zelensky then suggested to President Trump that they would appoint a new prosecutor. “He or she will look into the situation specifically to the company that you mentioned in this issue, the issue of the investigation of the case is actually the issue to restore the honesty so we will take care of that and we will work on the investigation of the case.”


President Trump told Zelensky he would like his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, and Attorney General Bill Barr to be involved.


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  1. starlynn winchell

    Trump was a awesome president nacey does need to go to prison she needs to be arrested for treason and put military court they they need to do with her as they would do to a person in the military with the rest of the Dems Biden and his family they said Trump done it no Biden did it when he was vice president

    1. Janet Jackson

      They need do get rest all the Demonrats running this So called Presentacy that’s so far fetched it’s unreal..putting the people into war against our rights..stealing eberything they can from us..they need to reprimanded thrown out of office our country ..

  2. Frank Brennan

    They all need to be prosecuted they started this virus to take the election,while killing inicent people across the world an get to walk away .Hillary Clinton an Obama with setting up Russia probe an the treason.

  3. Barbara Robbins

    This REGIME including the Rinos need to be REMOVED and face TREASON charges

  4. Daniel Hartman

    Make it happen

  5. Charles Rodney

    The great awakening is happening now ! Those who are guilty treason and selling America out as we know it will be punished ! The reasons these politicians don’t want convict these evil people because one it starts they don’t want to go down with them ! Guess what your already on the list you can run but can’t hide ! Live fear because Justice is coming ! 🙏

  6. Charles Rodney

    The great awakening is happening now ! Those who are guilty treason and selling America out as we know it will be punished ! The reasons these politicians don’t want convict these evil people because once it starts they don’t want to go down with them ! Guess what your already on the list you can run but can’t hide ! Live fear because Justice is coming ! 🙏

  7. Barb Wilt

    They all should be punished for killing people.the simply fact we can’t trust officials anymore is sad .they work for us.we need to take them out of power.put good people in.

  8. Jack

    Turn all these TRAITORS to pig food…..

    1. Remora King

      And I’m sure the pigs will reject the mess. Heeyok!!!

  9. Jeff Tilton

    Gee I wonder why they are so worried about bringing criminal charges against there adversaries dah you just don’t do that because then they will do it to you and one thing for sure were all dirty as he’ll

  10. Cherokee Bill

    Our Government is so currupt. Corruption in Washington DC is like roots of a tree the deeper it goes the Bigger it gets and it’s rock bottom deep.

  11. Sharon

    Only good Demondevil & RINOS r dead ones!

  12. Bruce Rogers

    Y’all better buy extra popcorn and extra butter.
    It’s a little late to train your brain to not think like a Democrat… Our government knows how to rig a rope rope of Justice . No, it just wasn’t created.

  13. Bruce Rogers

    Oh how evil it is to think you know how to spend somebody else’s money.

    1. Timothy Mercer

      The love of money is the root of all evil. Not money itself or having money or spending it , But idolized it putting it first in priority over all is.

  14. Bruce Rogers

    O oh how evil it is knowing that you think you know how to spend somebody else’s money…

  15. Valerie irvin

    We can see through all the Globalists, professional ” gaslighting” techniques, right out of the Marxist handbook. Some it took longer but majority know what’s really going on & it’s in low level government, social security, probation depts, you name it. Anybody who’s suffered at the hands of these DS psychopath criminals know ” exactly” what I’m talking about. There real ” payday” is close at hand! 🤔

  16. Cleve stewart

    Lock them up

    1. God's chosen

      Hi Tom, I feel that God has a steak in all of us and Biden has lost his… you can tell by the way he loses in every instance that involves the American people. I feel that God has pulled away away away from hhim… for all eternity. that is what he has chosen for himself and his murdering friends. God’s blessings to you my friend.

    2. God's chosen

      I know God, I am pretty sure he sent me to sort it all out. I’ll be happy to text you all about it.

  17. God's chosen

    Why are they free to do all this crap? Well, it all started with a spoon fed shithead like Gearge W. Bush cheating his way in the all the shit that happened with him was inexcusable and it started all this demon rat political poisoning of the American presidency. It hasn’t been right since Bush or even Bill Clinton was better because he cared about us, Biden doesn’t care about anything except his legacy and the crooked schemes He devises. That idiot couldn’t even mop up a withdrawal that was already set up for him in Afghanistan. What the fuck was that. It wasn’t a withdrawal, it was a cowardly con job that went South in a hurry and he couldn’t even evacuate the equipment or people first. I find that completely inept. Now the demon rats have a machine that cheats us out of our real president… Donald Trump. Get rid of their machine, cnn and the rest of that shit and have a fair election and see who really won. It was Trump’s victory that was stolen. Where’s your impeachment series for that crap?

  18. God's chosen

    We the people of the United States, where free speech is in our constitution and is the first amendment of our nation… you aren’t supposed to moderate anything. I have that right and if you moderate my rights to free speech then it’s not free.

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