petition to IMPEACH or Force Joe Biden and vice president kamala Harris to Resign has been started on and has garnered thousands of signatures already. The petition statement reads;

“President Joe Biden is destroying America and we must force Congress to do their job!”
Since taking office, President Biden has taken America from a safe haven of promising economic policy and energy independence to the laughing stock of the world”.

Biden is now begging other nations Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela (OPEC) to produce more oil. In which they said no.”

“He has forced our southern border to remain open while flying illegal immigrants across the country, without knowing their medical history amidst a global pandemic.”

“Inflations are unbelievably at record highs.”

“Violent crime is rising in every major city throughout this country.”
In the latest, abandoning Americans and our allies in Afghanistan while the terrorist organization, Taliban takes over the country after the United States has been at war with this organization for over 20 years.”

26 thoughts on “Petition To Remove Joe Biden And Kamala Harris From Office Gets Thousands Of Signatures”
  1. There’s overwhelming proof of voter fraud & who could ever forget Joe’s statement before the entire world, ” I don’t need your vote to win”
    Let’s get them out & clean house.
    Citizens rights are being chipped away, CRT,masking, forced vaccs that are dangerous to our health. Enough is enough, the list goes on & on.

    1. What’s going to take to get these monsters out of office. I can’t understand how our elected officers will stand down and let these creeps destroy America.

      1. Yes it about time to all pull together and show the love for our lord is coming soon out of 🙏 respect for you WWG1WGA LET’S go BRANDON long live the Republic God Bless America 🇺🇸 🙏 ❤️ it is time is at hand I hope you understand what l,am saying @@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Now what I already lost my job my son and me and my wife are on the verge of being home less thanks to this bafon’s build back better bull schitt they need to take his criminal ass and his lame stream media run around with Hunters crack pipe stuck halfway up his ass.

    1. This regime needs to be shut down ASAP military takeover and reinstate President Trump he won the election after all before they all destroy our country

    2. I agree with you miss Barbara it’s time to remove these criminals in office and put them where they belong in gizmo . It’s time for good honest people to take up arms to remove these crooks and criminals and destroyers of our constitution are way of life..

    3. Biden may not know just how. d it is but America knows about the election. Heating and his mo why games. GE is a lie abs a cheat and. Needs to be tried for treason.
      A lot of us know the real Biden is Dead and what we are wachi g is a clone or an actor playing him. He also needs to be trice for treason

  3. Couldn’t agree more with every single one of you …… globalists are ruining millions of lives, it’s there plan.

  4. The Joe biden’s whole administration is nothing but Liars plagiarists thieves and just in general idiots let’s get rid of them all now not later period

  5. This China puppet regime is destroying America. In 2022 mid terms elections America we will turn it around and put a Stop to this madness.

  6. The Biden & Harris Administration are the worst. corrupted Administration in American History. The Democratic Leftist have commited TREASON supporting the failure, negative of treason over the Defunding Police allowing leftist to detroy our country, American small buinesses and its people safety while turning their backs and endangering the America’s health with open uncencored illegals to enter and assisting movement and insenitives with US Tax Payers Money.
    Their lack of keeping America Safe, not Proecting it solventy is an Embarrasment to our people, country and the United States of America’s way of life.

  7. Just Read HR503 and Everyone will know the democrats caused Jan 6, Election Fraud etc it’s the only reason they would violate their own HR about January 6th

  8. JOE. Biden is unfit to rule it’s time for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to go they are killing innouncent baby’s in Ukraine Joe Biden is a monster he won’t save the baby’s joe biden need to go to jail rest of his life

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