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Petition To Remove Joe Biden And Kamala Harris From Office Gets Thousands Of Signatures

petition to IMPEACH or Force Joe Biden and vice president kamala Harris to Resign has been started on and has garnered thousands of signatures already. The petition statement reads;

“President Joe Biden is destroying America and we must force Congress to do their job!”
Since taking office, President Biden has taken America from a safe haven of promising economic policy and energy independence to the laughing stock of the world”.

Biden is now begging other nations Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela (OPEC) to produce more oil. In which they said no.”

“He has forced our southern border to remain open while flying illegal immigrants across the country, without knowing their medical history amidst a global pandemic.”

“Inflations are unbelievably at record highs.”

“Violent crime is rising in every major city throughout this country.”
In the latest, abandoning Americans and our allies in Afghanistan while the terrorist organization, Taliban takes over the country after the United States has been at war with this organization for over 20 years.”

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  1. Valerie irvin

    There’s overwhelming proof of voter fraud & who could ever forget Joe’s statement before the entire world, ” I don’t need your vote to win”
    Let’s get them out & clean house.
    Citizens rights are being chipped away, CRT,masking, forced vaccs that are dangerous to our health. Enough is enough, the list goes on & on.

  2. Valerie irvin

    Come on, you know it’s millions.
    Why so much dishonesty????

  3. Carl Young

    Great idea. You must be really keen to get Nasty Nancy in the White House with Killary as the VP.

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