House Democrat’s investigative reporter who became famous for his reporting on the Watergate scandal recently said that the January 6 protest at the United States of America Capitol building was a coup by president Trump.

600 hundred people have since been arrested after a thorough criminal investigation into the events that occurred on January 6. The Criminal charges against those arrested includes trespassing, assault, and vandalism of the United States Capitol building. However, they have forgotten about the actions of the person charged with protecting the Capitol building.
Mark Levin has come out to condemn the actions and behavior against those charged.

Kevin also strongly condemned the way those 600 Americans who are awaiting trial are treated. Recent reports proved that many detainees were forced into solitary confinement to await their dates in court.

Mr Mark Levin also suggested that the investigation should be extended to top democrats such as Nancy Pelosi because she might have something she’s not telling us.

Mark Levin also said he was told by the chief of staff to the secretary of defence that Nancy Pelosi was offered 20,000 national guards by President Trump but she rejected the offer, saying that she didn’t ask for any help and she didn’t want any help.

Nancy Pelosi need to be thoroughly investigated, she have proven she may have staged the protest through her actions when selecting the people to conduct the investigation into the Jan. 6 event.

Nancy Pelosi singlehandedly hand picked her loyalist to conduct the investigation into the Jan. 6 events. Nancy Pelosi rejected the likes of house GOP Representative Jim Jordan and other members of Kevin McCarthy committee, she later picked house GOB members loyal to her.

Nancy Pelosi’s emails, phone records and tests should be subpoenaed, but her loyalists in the committee won’t, they have failed to depose the corrupt speaker.
Speaker Pelosi was responsible for protecting the Capitol but she purposely failed. We need to know what Nancy Pelosi knows, and when she got to know.
From foxnews Speaker Nancy Pelosi Thursday wouldn’t reveal any information about the timing of a potential vote on Democrats’ reconciliation bill and the bipartisan infrastructure bill – and dodged questions about whether Democrats have the votes to pass reconciliation at this point.

“I’ll let you know as soon as I wish to,” Pelosi, D-Calif., told a reporter who asked when votes on President Biden’s two major agenda items may happen. “You’re just worried about your own schedule.”

Further asked whether party leaders will have the support of “Blue Dog” Democrats who earlier this week demanded a Congressional Budget Office (CBO) score and 72 hours to review the bill text – which was released Wednesday afternoon – Pelosi didn’t give a clear answer.

Top democrats have boldly claimed that the January 6th event was a coup by trump, if so what should we call democrats Russia collusion scandal or Hillary Clinton’s money laundry scandal and also the FBI Lying to the FISA court on more than one occasion.

The earlier Nancy is investigated and jailed the better for the entire U.S politics.

  1. Think about her friends could be Chunk Schumer, or Maybe Obama help her thru. only that she never do alone. She was with someone we may know of.

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