Pelosi similarly dodged a question about a Thursday morning whip count Democrats put out on the reconciliation and infrastructure bills. She said she’d not seen the results of it yet. House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, D-S.C., told Fox News shortly after Pelosi’s conference ended he also hadn’t seen the results of the whip count.

Pelosi was direct about one thing: Democrats will not pass just an infrastructure bill without a vote on reconciliation.
Nancy Pelosi need to be thoroughly investigated, she have proven she may have staged the protest through her actions when selecting the people to conduct the investigation into the Jan. 6 event.

Nancy Pelosi singlehandedly hand picked her loyalist to conduct the investigation into the Jan. 6 events. Nancy Pelosi rejected the likes of house GOP Representative Jim Jordan and other members of Kevin McCarthy committee, she later picked house GOB members loyal to her.

Nancy Pelosi’s emails, phone records and tests should be subpoenaed, but her loyalists in the committee won’t, they have failed to depose the corrupt speaker.
Kevin also strongly condemned the way those 600 Americans who are awaiting trial are treated. Recent reports proved that many detainees were forced into solitary confinement to await their dates in court.

Mr Mark Levin also suggested that the investigation should be extended to top democrats such as Nancy Pelosi because she might have something she’s not telling us.

Mark Levin also said he was told by the chief of staff to the secretary of defence that Nancy Pelosi was offered 20,000 national guards by President Trump but she rejected the offer, saying that she didn’t ask for any help and she didn’t want any help.

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  1. Candy Joslyn

    Fauci should be held accountable!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    1. Mary Ann

      He is in at Gitmo bay prisoner camp Davis for his execution by his failing his crimes of murder this is his final life his actions is going to be hang in Gitmo RRN they will update everything things on excuted by the military tribunal Court

  2. Patricia Corbitt

    Nancy needs to go to GITMO. For treason. Biden needs to go too for his act as a president.

    1. Cherry Loveland

      I guess somewhere they all forgot that they work for the American people not the other way around. I can’t wait for them all to get their comeuppance.

      1. tommy B

        You must be charged for her crime’s against humanity & treason against Trump and country and family 👪 God bless the lord & republic 🙏 Amen and world 🌎 🙏 God wins 🏆 in the END ANYWAY SO SUCK IT UP……. …….. AND PRAZE THE LORD!!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. tommy B

        They all need to hang not just one !!!!!!!!

  3. Patrick

    Throw the bitch and gizmo

    1. Mark

      Don’t waste the real estate. Rope is much cheaper.

  4. Eddie Roberts

    Nancy Pelosi and those that have considered with her I believe, is guilty of treason and should face the maximum sentence under the UCMJ.

  5. PV

    I just want to know WHY did it take so long?
    Any politition that promotes bills & laws
    That compromise the quality of living
    Through irresponcible tax’s or limiting of
    Civil rights,
    Should be obligated to stand in front of a
    Civilian board of evaluation and Justify
    What’s being pushed,and if unable to convince that board,be force to scrap any bill
    That’s falls short.

  6. Terry

    Polosi is a mean
    nasty vindictive person. She needs to answer for all the crime she is guilty of. The rest of these criminal politicians needs to be sent to Gito to or HUNG for Treason.

  7. Desiderio Perea

    Nancy Pelosi , Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Dr Fueci Anthony they should be tried for treason and criminal acts against the American people and I guess President Trump.

  8. Patriot Serg.

    Pelosi needs to be executed in Gitmo with the rest of the demonrats, BLM, and Antifa bastards.

  9. Mary C. Aikens

    Sadly, these wicked leaders are sooo conniving and mean to the point that God can only take them down to their graves.

  10. Guy Joseph

    There’s a nice cool prison awaiting the wretch of the House pancy nancy. She can use her sharp tongue behind bars rememberong her luxurious 400 million mansion and try to bribe our luxurious facilities from the Prison Officials. But
    the cold bars, and prison food will give her more energy than she ever had in Congress. Kick out the wh@re and do
    it fast: before she “retires.”

  11. Roxann Geier

    The whole demoncraps need to b in prison for trying to overthrow our gov.. do away our constitution, not follow our laws, inciting riots ect.ect,an the big oneLIE,LIE AN THEN LIE SOME MORE, I AM PAST ANGER AN NEED PUBLIC EXACUTIONS FOR TREASON, TRAITORS AN ANYONE IN GOV THAT HATE AMERICA SORROS SHOULD B KICKED OUT OF AMERICA like he was in his own country

  12. Tim Mercer


  13. Remora King

    The Republicans are here and they are serious about the “denials”. Pelosi to jail, Joe Biden to jail and others with character of Brandon let’s go ilk. Karma sure does bite.

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