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Pelosi similarly dodged a question about a Thursday morning whip count Democrats put out on the reconciliation and infrastructure bills. She said she’d not seen the results of it yet. House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, D-S.C., told Fox News shortly after Pelosi’s conference ended he also hadn’t seen the results of the whip count.

Pelosi was direct about one thing: Democrats will not pass just an infrastructure bill without a vote on reconciliation.
Nancy Pelosi need to be thoroughly investigated, she have proven she may have staged the protest through her actions when selecting the people to conduct the investigation into the Jan. 6 event.

Nancy Pelosi singlehandedly hand picked her loyalist to conduct the investigation into the Jan. 6 events. Nancy Pelosi rejected the likes of house GOP Representative Jim Jordan and other members of Kevin McCarthy committee, she later picked house GOB members loyal to her.

Nancy Pelosi’s emails, phone records and tests should be subpoenaed, but her loyalists in the committee won’t, they have failed to depose the corrupt speaker.
Kevin also strongly condemned the way those 600 Americans who are awaiting trial are treated. Recent reports proved that many detainees were forced into solitary confinement to await their dates in court.

Mr Mark Levin also suggested that the investigation should be extended to top democrats such as Nancy Pelosi because she might have something she’s not telling us.

Mark Levin also said he was told by the chief of staff to the secretary of defence that Nancy Pelosi was offered 20,000 national guards by President Trump but she rejected the offer, saying that she didn’t ask for any help and she didn’t want any help.

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  1. Candy Joslyn

    Fauci should be held accountable!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  2. Patricia Corbitt

    Nancy needs to go to GITMO. For treason. Biden needs to go too for his act as a president.

  3. Patrick

    Throw the bitch and gizmo

  4. Eddie Roberts

    Nancy Pelosi and those that have considered with her I believe, is guilty of treason and should face the maximum sentence under the UCMJ.

  5. PV

    I just want to know WHY did it take so long?
    Any politition that promotes bills & laws
    That compromise the quality of living
    Through irresponcible tax’s or limiting of
    Civil rights,
    Should be obligated to stand in front of a
    Civilian board of evaluation and Justify
    What’s being pushed,and if unable to convince that board,be force to scrap any bill
    That’s falls short.

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