There might be something even more unsettling going on if we find the mistakes Joe Biden makes when speaking during many of his vocal moments to raise an eyebrow.

Nobody who is paying attention can dispute that something doesn’t feel right with the man in charge of the free world.

There is a great deal of duty placed on the American President. Throughout the 2020 presidential campaign, there were numerous occasions when Joe Biden’s mental faculties were questioned. Biden and his allies have, of course, vehemently refuted the obvious.
However, it was either downplayed as a lifelong battle with shuddering or explained away by the media. Concerned citizens urged electors to carefully assess the mental capacity of the man many were electing to the White House out of anger.

We are witnessing the consequences of this ignorance to the obvious. Joe Biden is failing and failing fast. Most of us understood from the very beginning that he would be little more than a puppet manipulated by the radical progressive cast of puppeteers.

It’s a sad thing for Sleepy Joe, but a sadder thing for the future of our nation. Well, not only is Joe’s verbal strategy pre-written by his political pundits, his vital signature may also have been hijacked.
A pharmacist from Missouri has noticed an alarming ambiguity in Biden’s recent signature. Bluntly, they do not match. Seems there is a rubber stamp signature used to approve many legislative items.
However, if whatever stamped signature is being submitted to the Federal Register isn’t authentic, does that not also make the documents themselves unauthentic? This is just another twist in an unraveling tale about the figurehead who is a puppet president.

Biden’s wife seems to be the most logical person to try to fabricate her husband’s signature. It’s Jill’s job to cover for the cognitive inefficiencies of her husband. She also could well be covering for another telltale sign of cognitive decline.

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