BREAKING! Jim Jordan Demands the Resignation & Prosecution of Joe Biden

BREAKING! Jim Jordan Demands the Resignation & Prosecution of Joe Biden

Ohio congress man, Jim Jordan has joined Republican calls for President Joe Biden to resign over his administration’s withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan after Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell ended rumors of impeachment proceedings.

“What happened in Afghanistan was wrong. It was terrible. But frankly, it wasn’t surprising because what has this guy done right?” the Ohio Republican said on Fox News’ Justice with Judge Jeanine Saturday.
“Everything this guy touches, it goes bad. That’s why I said he should resign.”“This has never happened before, Thirteen service members killed, Americans left behind, allies left behind, billions of dollars of equipment and weapons left behind. And some of the Afghans who have come to America haven’t been properly vetted,” he added.

Dozens of House and Senate Republicans have called for Biden to resign or be removed from office after a terror attack killed 13 U.S. service members in Kabul amid the final leg of the U.S. evacuation effort.

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Their deaths are pathetic and was also preventable. By haphazardly withdrawing from Afghanistan with no plan and no preparation, President Joe Biden put our troops in harm’s way. Thirteen American families have been devastated as a direct result of Joe Biden’s complete and embarrassing incompetence.

There is no excuse for his failure.When Biden created a chaotic disaster in Afghanistan, he claimed that he simply wanted to get our troops home. There were 2,500 troops in Afghanistan before his withdrawal. He ended up sending in 7,000 more to clean up his mess. Among those troops were these thirteen heroes, who were the very best of us, and represented the true meaning of American service and sacrifice.

The man who claimed to plan for every contingency left the Taliban billions of dollars of American military equipment — including Blackhawk helicopters. And hundreds of Americans remain trapped behind enemy lines.
The president left American citizens to die in a terrorist-controlled war zone.Biden has betrayed the American people. He lied, he failed, and he has proven himself fundamentally unfit to serve as our president.

If Biden had an ounce of human decency, he would resign. Sadly, he doesn’t. He likely doesn’t even fully understand the catastrophic, tragic events that he set in motion.


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