Arizona teen alleged she was slipped a COVID-19 vaccine without her knowledge at a Walgreens in Fresno, California

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  1. Patricia CORBITT

    Pelosi and son should be tried.for treason . they ate.both guilty and himg together
    The family that commits treason should die together
    My thoughts

  2. Roxann Geier

    I agree both guilty of treason DEATH BY HANGING OR BY FIREING SQUAD …I want to see their persecution ..down with fake lieing media… I would like to b part of that FIREING SQUAD…

  3. Cheyenne delamater

    Anyone who commits treason should die

  4. Connie

    Intel reported as predicted we were told by them chipping TO TREK EVERYONE means everyone a HUMAN COMMODITY to process has an intrinsic value of sale to THE DEMONIC EU. Cartels in bondsmen, setup for FINANCIAL institutions PROFITEERING BENEFITS, herion pharmacies.

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