Hillary Clinton REVEALS Her True Colors on Livestream, Now We All Know The TRUTH

During a virtual appearance with former Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday, Hillary Clinton a former United States Secretary of State made a statement that attracted backlash from so many Conservatives.

According to Hillary, the coronavirus would be a “terrible crisis to waste.”

“This is a high stakes time because of the pandemic, but this is also a really high stakes election, and every form of health care should continue to be available, including reproductive health care for every woman in this country,” Clinton told Biden, a former vice president and now the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee. “And then it needs to be part of a much larger system that eventually, and quickly I hope, gets us to universal health care.”

Hillary Clinton also came under fire from Tara Reade (one of Biden’s Accusers) for endorsing Joe Biden. Reade ripped Clinton’s endorsement of Biden, accusing the former secretary of state of “enabling a sexual predator.” Reade — who said Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993 while she worked in his U.S. Senate office — also blasted Clinton as having “a history of enabling powerful men to cover up” such behavior. What’s your take on this, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT IN THE COMMENT SECTION BELOW…

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