JUST IN!! Adam Schiff Secretly Concealed Numerous Transcripts In Obama Spy Gate Allegations.

We all know House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is willing to go to any length just to make sure President Trump is out of office, but this new revelation by John Solomon shows a whole new level of craziness on Schiff’s part.

A 2019 letter obtained by award winning journalist John Solomon shows how Adam Schiff hid dozens of transcripts in Obama’s Spygate scandal. Despite been cleared for release in September of 2018, Schiff still had the guts to hide those Transcript from the public eyes.

According to John Solomon:

The letter obtained by Just the News specifically ordered that the witness transcripts — some of which contained exculpatory evidence for President Trump’s team — not be shared with Trump or White House lawyers even if the declassification process required such sharing.

“Under no circumstances shall ODNI, or any other element of the Intelligence Community (IC), share any HPSCI transcripts with the White House, President Trump or any persons associated with the White House or the President,” Schiff wrote in a March 26, 2019 letter to then-Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats.

“Such transcripts remain the sole property of HPSCI, and were transmitted to ODNI for the limited purpose of enabling a classification review by IC elements and the Department of Justice,” Schiff added.

This is a whole new level of craze displayed by the House Intelligence Committee Chairman. What’s your take on this, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT IN THE COMMENT SECTION BELOW…

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