To stop your android phone from draining battery or discharging fast is very easy.people always say uninstall apps but in most cases it’s not the solution.Android battery drain is caused by many factors like poor system optimization, background and installed application.

Some applications drain battery more than operating system. Apps like Facebook,Twitter runs always in the ground and are poorly optimized for low battery consumption.these apps use so many permission to keep running on your background whether connected to the internet or offline.

Background applications We give some apps permission to be running on background meanwhile some background applications consumes lot of battery. Facebook,WhatsApp,play service,playstore are applications that are always running on background. 
Android operating system

Android system is the major cause of battery drain  why ? Because some manufacturers don’t optimize their operating system. Take for instance some phones don’t have option to turn off your location for Android system. Google apps not optimized, always running infact Google play service drains battery more than other apps .

how to stop android system battery drain

Here’s are the solutions to stop android system battery drain.
Major causes of Andriod system battery drain  is Google play service . Goto your settings,system applications or applications look for Google play service and  uninstall apps and clear all data that’s it and see how your battery will start lasting long.
Again unistall applications you’re not using to help optimize your android system, turn off background apps , disable Google apps you’re not using , lower your brightness.