Some of us mobile Pes gamers don’t own a gaming phone like Asus Rog, Xiaomi shark or a flagship phone. Pes is a demanding game, won’t play well on phones with insufficient ram and processor.
For you to play Pes fluently with your phone atleast you need a good phone with Qualcomm 730g higher and Helio p90g series. Not everyone has a gaming phone so here’s the solution to play Pes mobile without lagging.

We are not hacking or modifying Pes files but we will be ediing Pes video Resolution setting.Mind you after this tutorial you will be able to play Pes on high resolution without lagging or losing your resolution. It’s either you copy this configuration, download it or edit it manually.
We will be needing a tool for us to access Pes root folder,head to playstore and download x-plorer, it’s a free app. Download and open, navigate to ue4games open Pes mobile folder,saved,config, android,game user settings.iniYou will see a file like thisĀ 


Now edit this file copy the below file and replace it with yours

If still not fast then reduce the resolution to 50.000000 then hit save and play your game on high Resolution without lagging. If not fast enough reduce texture, shade and anti to 0.This works on all phone,doesn’t require root access .if too fast then increase shade,anti and effect.


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