I have received mails of people requesting me to write on how to get working USA that make calls and receives SMS and calls. Well this post has every information you may have been searching for quite long.

For some reasons telecommunication companies stopped providing foreign numbers due to abuse and fraudulent act, people were using it for.To get working USA or UK number nowadays is almost impossible except if you’re living in USA.

There are many methods to get a working USA or UK number. The easiest way is Google Voice that’s if you leave in USA. if you’re living outside USA then you may need third party application or site.
TextNow and textplus still works but you will need a strong VPN for you to be able to use TextNow or textplus. My recommend VPN is Nord VPN it works just fine.

For TextNow or textplus to work on WhatsApp you have to fellow my trick.Download textplus or TextNow from playstore after downloading, sign up and get a USA number.Now to register WhatsApp with the number you got from TextNow or textplus you will have to use wi-fi instead of cellular data. Use wi-fi or get another and hotspot it to the phone you’re registering WhatsApp. Make sure there’s no simcard in your phone then use wi-fi and register WhatsApp, note if you do not receive activation code then request a phone call, congratulations you have successfully registered a working USA number with WhatsApp.

Here’s another method I would say it’s the best after Google Voice . Why is Google Voice the best? Because it doesn’t require VPN and it’s free , life time USA number not t paid. You can make and receive calls free.
I don’t know if you have heard of groove IP. Groove IP has been around since 2011 but not popular like TextNow or textplus not even on playstore only a few knows about groove IP .

Download groove IP from apksure make sure you have a strong VPN I recommend Nord VPN install and sign up groove IP account and get a USA numb.

Now to register your groove IP number with whatsapp use any unofficial WhatsApp and when registering request for a call and after the activation code that will be called for you.Congratulations you have successfully registered WhatsApp with USA number.


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