Hello everyone, like i promised yesterday, here is how to successfully verify your AdSense ID verification, just continue reading below.

The reason why we keep failing the ID verification is because we are doing it the wrong way, once things are done the right way, AdSense will never, i repeat, WILL NEVER fail to approve your ID.

  1. Get a voters card, Drivers License or National ID that matches the details on your AdSense account, if you don’t have any, kindly borrow 1 from anybody around you.
  2. If you have an ID (listed above) that matches the details on your AdSense account, kindly skip this step.
    Lets assume you have gotten a voters card or any other ID but different details, all you need to do is to go to your AdSense account and edit the account details to match the one on the ID you borrowed, Edit the AdSense account Name, Address etc to be the same with the ID you collected, if you fail to do so and submit you the ID, it will be rejected and you will not be able to edit those details again.
  3. Now scan the ID with a scanner, (please don’t use phone, to avoid stories), before scanning, make sure that the scanner scan quality is good enough, to avoid blurred image, scan both the front and the back of the ID card, just like the image i attached to this post, after scanning the both sides, save them and move to the next step.
  4. now use corel draw or any other graphics editor app to combine the two sides like the image attached below, save it as png and make sure the quality is good enough.
  5. Open your adsense and submit the combined image to adsense, they will approve it within few hours.
    NB: If you have submitted an ID before and it got rejected, you have no other choice than to get an ID that matches those details, because you won’t be able to edit them again, and also, make sure you use PVC ( the plastic one), paper ID might be rejected.
    If you have any question, kindly ask.