Hauwei is somehow trying to compete with Google. Last week hauwei announced their own operation system harmony (hongmeng) that will power watch,smart appliances, speakers,television,radio,fan except computers, phones and tablets.

At the moment harmony OS can’t power smart phones though hauwei CEO said android still remains their first choice operating system for making phones. Hauwei seems to be prepared after USA ban that exempted them from doing business with USA tech companies.

Hauwei map kit is powered by hauwei latest operating system harmony OS.it comes in 40 different Languages. Map kit offers street navigation and real time traffic condition.Hauwei plans on reducing their reliance on Google Android.

Though apart from smartphones harmony OS powers watch, speakers, televisions,earbuds but can’t power smart phones, hauwei are relying on android.

Google map beats apple map that makes Google map best map in the world. With Google map you can navigate through streets, companies ,buildings,you can even access in and out of a building. Moreover you can see full picture of a hotel room  before booking it.

Google added some new tools to Google map this month. Google map will now show all flight and hotel reservations under your places.A list of upcoming events in your place and it’s accessible online and offline.Another notable feature is live view that shows you where to walk . 

Google map let’s you find address , workplace easily,discover location, traffic etc.


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