This is not new to iOS users WhatsApp fingerprint feature was rolled out on iOS past 2 months now it’s android turn.

WhatsApp brings fingerprint lock featured to android, fingerprint lock is included in the latest version of WhatsApp to help safeguard your WhatsApp account from hackers.

Update your WhatsApp to the latest version of WhatsApp to see fingerprint lock. After updating your WhatsApp to go settings account privacy fingerprint lock and turn it on.Mind you fingerprint lock is on default it won’t function if you don’t turn it on from your WhatsApp settings.

Fingerprint lock will work from android marshmallow upwards or any enabled fingerprint android phone. There are three times of WhatsApp fingerprint lock. Automatically, immediately and 30 mins. Immediately it locks after 1min when you exit your WhatsApp or inactive or when your screen light goes off but you can set your lock time according to your preference.

An option to set your WhatsApp notification. User can turn on WhatsApp notification,read message, reply and preview when WhatsApp fingerprint is lock or turn notification off when WhatsApp fingerprint is lock.

Update your WhatsApp or download latest version of WhatsApp from apkpure to enjoy fingerprint lock.


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