If you’re living in this present generation you might have used or heard of http injector or kpn resolution. These apps are used to by pass network data restrictions. These apps power the internet free and unlimited.

Both apps can be used to surf anonymously and can equally use for free browsing.To use http injector or kpn to browse unlimited you will need to create SSH account and find a working payload or host then your network IP and proxy.

Payload is found by geeks you hardly see a working Payload and if shared not locked the payload will leak and circulate to the extend it will get blocked by network providers, that’s one reason creators always lock it.

Http injector files are not readable to any file format it can’t be read or decoded. Http texts are in binary format, for you to read http file you will need third party application like ssl capture, http capture.After http injector updated their app they tightened their security and an option to¬† block rooted device.

Now to unlock http file you will need to download http canary , SSL capture ,host spy.Download from playstore install and open then install certificate, open your http injector and connect it.now go back to your capture app open it and click on icons above to start capturing or use search button search HTTP injector select and start to capture HTTP host and IP.

Open your captured text you will see host and IP of your running htpp injector. As for kpn resolution just search on Google and download kpn resolution unlocker. Download and launch it import your locked file it will automatically unlock the file. You will be able to see host & payload and SSH account and proxy.


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