Nokia has made their name known to the world for the quality phones they made back then in 2000 now things have changed and they are not left out of the game.

Nokia keeps coming up with new innovations still in the game though they are still not in same league with Samsung and likes of Huawei.

Nokia 220 4G made its debut in July 2919 with amazing specifications The main feature that gets people’s attention is the 4G Nokia that  Nokia 220 comes with. Nokia 220 4G is the latest keypad phone from Nokia.

Nokia 220 4G comes with 4G, and 2G network. If you are a Nokia fan who likes keypad phone definitely you are going to like Nokia 220.Nokia 220 is a successor of popular Nokia 105 that was released back in 2013.

Nokia 105 is priced at 5,000 Naira Nokia 220 4G will be priced at 15,000 Naira roughly £35.Nokia 220 comes features 2.4inch 1.7inch screen (120×160 pixels) 1,200 battery, dual SIM card 3.5mm jack, 4G network.Nokia 220 runs on Nokia 30+ operating system 0.3mp 16mb ram and 24mb storage not expandable

Size2.40 inches
Operating SystemFeature OS
Resolution120 X 160
Network2G, 4G
Front cameraNO
Back camera0.3MP
Battery 1,200 mAh



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