Data is very expensive in Nigeria compared to other countries. 1.5gb for 1,200 Naira I don’t know what to call this but it’s not something to write home about.

Recently MTN introduced a binge plan and a welcome bonus to all new members. That is to say if you buy a MTN SIM card, you will get  double (2X) your data purchase for 4 months.

This offer is only for new MTN customers, if you want to enjoy this offer, then consider buying a new MTN SIM card. This is the best plan for heavy downloaders and an average internet user.

Benefits include double data on every data purchased and call bonus. If you purchase 1000 data which is 2gb you will get your data double that is to say your 2gb data will be 4gb and call bonuses.

Now this is how to get 8gb for 1000. MTN unveiled a package called binge for heavy downloaders and users this package vailds for 24hours.

If you’re a heavy Downloader or you want to do something important that requires huge data consumption, then the binge plan is for you.

To get 8gb for 1000 you must meet these requirements.Buy a new MTN SIM card recharge  your phone with MTN 1000 airtime dial *131# and click on binge subscribe 500 for 2gb you will be given 4gb repeat same method and you will be given 8gb that’s it.

You can as well repeat this method as many times you want. Any data you purchase will be given to you double, mind you binge plan vaildss for 24 hours.


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