Competition is the only thing that brings down price of data in Nigeria. Recently MTN joined Airtel on a binge plan to compete.

Some weeks ago MTN increased their monthly data subscription for 1.5GB to 2G.MTN introduced double data welcome bonus just like Airtel 2.2GB for 500 for 14 days and 4.5GB 1000 for 30 days.

Airtel reversed their night plan data back you can now subscribe multiple times, unlike before you were only allowed to subscribe once.
Truth be told cost of data in Nigeria is still high.

9mobile has Joined the race, though it seems they were mute but now they are back with one month 7GB data on every data purchase that starts from 1GB.

That is to say, if you purchase 1GB data or above, you will be given 7GB to stream Videos from 1AM-5AM. You can use the 7GB to watch YouTube, Facebook video or any streaming website, data fields for one month.

All SIM are eligible both old and new customer qualifies for the 9mobile 7GB data bonus.Note: 9mobile 200 for 2GB binge is excluded.Purchase 1Gb and get free 7GB + your 1GB, purchase 1.5GB and get 7gb free data to stream.Dial *200*3*1# to get started 



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