Scientists develop new OLED to make smartphone,TV, COMPUTER screens brighter and long-lasting
Brightness of a smartphone,TV and computer is powered by OLED.OLED is what causes brightness on our smart phone and according to study brightness consumes more battery than any other app on any gadget.

Nowadays one can press his phone on a sunny day because of the anti-glare that covers OLED.Now there are different screen resolution full hd ,qhd that make images more brighter,there is Samsung super amoled this AMOLED is more brighter and images are more clearer compared to OLED to ensure better display.

OLED light at night causes eye blink display is better and pleasant on AMOLED but it still consumes more battery than any other app. Because of the anti-glare and energy generated pixels are not brighter as it ought to be. 

The anti-glare prevents half the pixels generated now  the students of Imperial College London in the UK have come up with a new idea and material to make oled produce more pixel light and prevent anti-glare from taking half of the pixels.

This means OLED pixels will now produce brighter, sharpen and better light than the previous OLED. Not only better light but prolong battery life.

Let’s assume previous OLED brightness is taking 30% of battery now it could be taking 5% or less.This offers better display and long battery lasting and could replace old oled.


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