How to disable android,xiaomi, Oppo, Huawei, Samsung sim registration deductions
Some of us using Chinese phones like Xiaomi,Huawei, oppo,Vivo etc, may have experienced countless Airtime deductions either weekly,monthly or when change SIM card.You might be thinking that your network carrier is the one making all these deductions without your concept.

This deduction happens whenever you change SIM your phone sends an SMS to your phone manufacturer, this is for security purpose but you may not want this, that’s why you always get deducted.

Your network carrier will not solve this problem this can only be solved by you so I’ll show you how to turn off SIM registration deductions on your phone.If you don’t disable your SIM registration get ready for regular deductions.In my own opinion, it’s frustrating but some how it helps to safeguard your phone in case if stolen or lost.

This tutorial doesn’t require root it works on all device, so let’s start.Head to your settings, scroll down to permissions a new window will open click on permissions again and click on  SMS, look at your right on top you will see three dots please click on it and click show systems.

Now scroll down,keep scrolling down until you see “xioami service framework and Xiaomi SIM activation” turn it off .


that’s it your airtime won’t be deducted again. In case you’re using other brand look for some registration and turn it off this method works on all phones no root required.If you’re still encountering deduction please leave a comment I’m pleased to assist you.