Samsung to Use AMD’s Graphics Technology in Its Smartphones

On Monday 3 Jun AMD announced to license Samsung it’s graphic and intellectual property (IP) to Samsung’s smartphones after entering into an agreement with the south Korea giant that will bring them millions of dollar.

AMD is one of  world’s best chip and graphics makers, making graphics for apple, Microsoft, Playstation,Xbox and now Samsung.Amd is looking forward competing with Nvidia graphics again after they sold their gaming graphics to Qualcomm in 2009. 

Amd is known for making video game graphics and their custom graphics and intellectual property were choose by Sony Playstation and Xbox to power their next console generation.

Samsung collaborating with AMD will make Samsung phones compete with iPhones in graphics and gaming . Samsung phone is likely to play Playstation amd Xbox games.

Samsung will start using Radeon graphics on their smartphones. Radeon will be their new chip maker and graphics maker.Another chance for AMD to compete with Nvidia graphics and to feature it’s custom graphics property on a smartphone.