Huawei to Sell Undersea Cable Business

Hauwei  is going through one of their biggest nightmare after USA ban it has not being easy for the Chinese giant technology company. Rumor says hauwei is working on a new OS that may give competition to android OS, after the trade ban from USA. 

Hauwei is trying everything possible to get back to who they used to be after USA trade ban that resulted discontinuing of license from USA technology companies such as Microsoft,intel,Arm,Google etc.As we all know hauwei technogies started as network provider and first to release 5g spectacular network. 

Hauwei is known for innovation after the USA scandal they are now seeking for alternatives,now they want to sell their  undersea cable business in other to generate capital in building their own OS and getting back to phone production.

Hengtong Optic-Electric telecommunication network in China have alerted hauwei in buying their marine system 51% cash and 49% in stock exchange though actually price was not disclosed, but it’s one of hauwei biggest asset and important route of any technology company internet traffic.

Hauwei said to have made cny16m from marine technology last year and could sell to fund their new OS.

Hengtong Optic-Electric is one of the successful Chinese company. They finalized cny2.2b out of 33b revenue of China 2018.Hauwei has refused to comment on Hengtong Optic-Electric’s interest in acquiring  their undersea cable business, knowing vividly it’s one of their chance in generating fund to finance their new OS.