Huawei cuts phone production orders after Google ban and Taiwanese foxconn has stopped production for hauwei

Hauwei is in a critical situation as they are trying everything possible to get back on their feet. Their dream of becoming world best smart phone in 2020 seems to be far away as USA technology companies cut ties with hauwei.

SomeChinese news post says offers are coming for hauwei marine technology after USA trade ban that ensures Google,intel and Qualcomm terminating their contract with hauwei.

As if that’s not enough some Chinese news post says hauwei is set to sell their marine technology. Hauwei is working on their own OS that may be an alternative to android and apple OS.

 Honor a phone manufacturer under hauwei stated they don’t know how longer USA trade ban is going to last till hauwei get back on their feet, as things are not really going well for hauwei at the moment.


USA intel, Qualcomm,android, Microsoft will stop supplying hauwei what they use in making phone and computer.Last week hauwei was banned from SD association meaning their phone will stop supporting memory to if that’s not enough Wi-Fi Allianc also restricted hauwei from WiFi technologies.

Latest report from SCMP news in China that Taiwanese foxconn has stopped  production for hauwei after hauwei asked them to reduce production since there’s decresase in demand.

You Foxconn had no choice but to stop all production though it may not be on a long-term.Hauwei may look for alternatives though USA trade ban is affecting their business, now some companies are pulling out from them.
USA ban is really making things difficult for hauwei as companies are adhering to USA trade ban and are pulling off from doing business with them. 


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