Xiaomi is set to roll out mi miul 11 said to reduce ads but will not be entirely removed. Miul users complain bitterly over ads and pop ups ads on their phones.

I don’t know why Xiaomi has decided to make their miul phones with ads. On other hand it could be because they make cheap phones with good phones though have never seen other phone companies make phone with imbult ads.

Miul 11 will becoming with a lots of features and one of the main features is removal of ads. Jun said on a conference press that miul 11 will have a new ul design, call voice recording , power saving and many more.

One of the feature that we will be seeing in miul 11 a local rycle bin that will save any deleted items and keep it for recoverable till after 3 days. This is one of the features we expect to see in upcoming miul 11 though jun said miul 11 will have less ads compared to miul 10.

Miul 11 will feature call recording you may not need third party app to record your calls. As miul 11 will also feature monochrome power saving.

This feature will save your battery and will come with dark & white background.Miul 11 will also come with transition animation, status bar optimizations but miul 11 main target is to reduce ads.

Jun had a meeting with his developers he said miul users complain about ads. Jun said they will reduce the ads they will also remove pop up ads and miul 11 will come with less ads.