Why you should not buy techno and infinix phone

Techno and infinix phones have been around for decade and have been dominantor in Africa market especially here in Nigeria .They have company in some Africa countries and have gained people’s trust, lately they have refused to step up their games .

keep making phones with same features for different models. They make crap phones, lies about their specs and sales at high price.2019 they are still making phone with 1gb ram 1.3 processor with one outdated old chipset that was meant for mp3/mp4 phone and gallery yet they sale it at high cost .

They don’t make FHD phones they don’t make phones with snapdragon(techno) they use old chipset meant for gallery and photo viewing phone with 1.3ghz which has only 2 cores and sale at same price with Xiaomi phone or Nokia with 3/32, snapdragon 662_snaogragon 855 or helio p90 with good GPU for gaming with 12 cores and more.
Infinix latest phone hot7 was made withMediaTek MT6580 CPU cortextA7.

mt65080 is one of oldest mtk chipset if not their worse chipset . who still uses 1.3ghz if not techno and infinix even umidigi A3 pro using mt 6739 soc 2017 chipset very low  but supports 4g and dual camera with 3/32 cortext53 4cores, storage selling for 2800 around $77 .

you never ask  why techno and infinix hardly make phone with 4g is because of the chipset used which is not even meant for phone talkless of the price it’s sold.

Their phone isn’t well optimized lags like hell can’t play heavy games smoothly because of the poor chipset they use on their phone.

Nokia x5 with helio p60 third best mediatek processor with AI with 3/32 with good GPU for gaming is sold for 46,000 around $130 why can’t teckno and infinix step up their game.You never ask your self why teckno and infinix are mainly sold in Africa not globally like Xiaomi and Nokia even Indians don’t buy their phones anymore.

They don’t release update or security patches like other brands do.
I laugh when I see ignorant people bragging about camon 11pro  over Nokia x6 or Xiaomi note 7,I laugh non stop.Canon 11 pro was built with mediatek helio p22 is one of mid range meditak processor outdated and old supports up to 21mp cortext A53 but teckno says it’s 24mp.

Not talk of their GPU powervr HD+ not full HD because their chipset can’t power fhd.720×1500 resolution while Nokia and Xiaomi  are making 2k HD resolution 2800×3400 resolution  with snapdragon 845 48mp and 630 andreno GPU yet they sell under 60k with 1900×2800 full HD resolution, 4/64 snapdragon 660 or helio p90 with AI, wireless charge and low efficiency consumption.

To be honest their phones are bad for human beings talkless of the price it’s sold with their chipset alone their phone shouldn’t be sold above $40 I wish they will step up their game and start making quality products like other brands.