Nokia have been one of best phone makers back then in 2000-2010 before android took over the phone world.Nokia is known for making quality and durable phones at affordable price compared to likes of techno and infinx that make crap phones and sell at high price.

On the other hand Xiaomi is one of best phone making company leading the world of smart phones with pretty features.

Xiaomi makes their phones with USA Qualcomm snapdragon chipset, they sell at good price compared to huawei ,one plus and oppo.

Features of Xiaomi and Nokia phone
OS XIAOMI AND NOKIA make phones with latest android version. Their os is well optimized , well developed you will hardly experience bugs and they releases security patch if not every month.

Design Their design is outstanding they make phones with glass, gorilla glass and aluminum.Nokia and Xiaomi can give you best phone design with premium material just like iPhone and umidigi. Their design is so attractive that people will even be begging you to feel your phone and take camera with it.

ResolutionYou can count on them intense of display they got you covered with varieties of different choice from amoled display to full HD display to HD+ display to 2k-4k display . Nokia x9 preview comes with 2k display ,notch, Amoled with 3800×4800 , 2800x 1900 resolution.

Camera They might not be the best camera makers but can be relied on with their Sony pixels of dual 48mp cameras front and back with dual front camera with AI camera you can have best camera in the world with their artificial intelligent camera.

Hardware You can count on them when it comes to hardware they make strong phone and durable phone with atleast 32gb ROM, 64gb ROM ,128gb ROM, 256 GB ROM,500gn ROM and 1terribyt equipped with 3/4/6/8/10/12 GB ram expandable to 128,256,500 and 1terribyt.

PerformanceYou can have best performance with Xiaomi and Nokia phone with their optimized ram management. All their phones comes with 3gb ram to 12gb ram with good GPU for gaming. Phone doesn’t lag. Many of their phones are built on android one stock, releases update and security patches for at least three years.

You may not worry to buy phone for 2-3 years because of their software update.They make phone with snapdragon and latest mediatek chip like p90_p60 and snapdragon 845,660 with high CPC 2.0,1.8,2.4ghz_8-16 cores and good GPU like andreno 630.

Battery Their battery life is so optimized with AI low efficiency. Comes with quick/fast charge type c USB and lasts long and features wireless charge.They have large battery capacity of 4000 and 3060 li-polymer well optimized to last up to 12hrs browsing,5hrs gaming and a whole day at minimum use.

Conclusion Xiaomi and Nokia phones are affordable with $140 you can buy Nokia android with 3/32gb phone with notch display, fhd,latest android version , good processor.All their phones comes with 4g network 3/32 so you don’t need to break your bank before you can own Xiaomi phone or Nokia phone .

even with $80 you can still buy good Nokia and Xiaomi phone equipped with 3/32, they sell at affordable price. Everyone rich or poor can afford their phone.
 Why you should buy xiaomi and nokia phone